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lundi 30 juin 2008


I really like AA BUT EVERYTHING IN THERE STORE IS SO TINY! too bad for me !!! love the zebra legging !it could fit me but ,it's way too RISQUE! for somebody my size, so i'll wait for my black shiny 1 to come!

riri and her AA FRIENDS!!

I JUST LOVE THIS VIDEO! the sound of the 80's (wich u know i love!) ! the clothes i think they are from AA WHERE ELSE??? if you don't have THE BLACK SHINY LEGGING FROM THEM ? YOU ARE NUTHING!!!! well i guess i'm nada since i dont have 1 ! but wait it's not my fault i went in all the AA OF NYC but they were all sold out!!!! just imagine !!! what a disapointment for me who came from so far ! for nothing!!! puffffff they told to order them online i might have a better 'CHANCE' THEY SAID!!!! I'M SAD!!! SNIFF SNIFF!!at least riri and her friends got them!! lucky bitches!!

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