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lundi 30 juin 2008

MADONNA IN the 80's baby

EVERY BODY ! WELL if U ARE OLD ENOUGH REMEMBER SEEKING SUSAN DESPERATLY it was so 80's and so fun fashion just check out the video!!i love MADONNA BACK IN THOSE DAYZ ! right now not as much but for her age there's no doubts that she has it! but back then she was the girl we were looking up to fashion ways, even if she was very contreversal she always brought reactions good or bad ! like :like a PRAYER! with this black JESUS! WAS FABULOUS so amazing at the time but we couldn't expected anything else from her anyway! and of course everybody remembers VOGUE!! and JUSTIFY MY LOVE ! that was such a weird video ! showing same genders hooking up together ,wich she was doing at the time! just love her for that!BREAKING bounderies
BUT THE BEST OF HER for me was like a virgin!!!!!! woohooo !!!! THAT GIRL GOT STYLE ! remember her in this video? passing under thoses bridges in VENISE!!! memorable moments that's all i could say always with style of course!!!
i really love the 80's i dont why

! some people might say it a bad fashion era i don't find so !on the contrary i find iT was very inventive ,very femine with those high waist and padded shoulders! long red nails and lips matching! shinny legging and head bands and prom dresses WAT !and oh let not forget About those resille gloves without finger tips so cute ! and last but not least THE LEG WARMERS!!!


BUT 1 THING i really dont miss are those big wavy hair that u had to spend 3 hours at the hairdresser ( wich i dont need since my hair are very curly) poor flat haired girls ! i was was too young for that though but still i dont miss it ! dont get me wrong i love big hair just not the fake 1's specially bleach out!!

this picture gots everything i love about 80's fashion!

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