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vendredi 27 juin 2008


i loved the PATRICE FIELD store it completly me ! 1 thing i could say about it though is that i found some stuffS in her store that i had previously bought at differentes locations for way cheaper than her prices wich upset me a lil ! since it's suppose to be the temple of fashion IT MEAN first of all that she selling some of her stuffs for way more expensive that they real worth!
plus the fact that u might hand up with the same dress (since it's sold in biggger stores such as mandee,forever 21,wet seal ) as somebody else!
but beside that there's not doubt that the choice of the items that this store hold is very up to date, very fashion forward and very FLASHY wich is perfect for me i just could buy everything and be able to mix and match with something that i already have in my wardrobe!

just love those pix ! very colorful i love graffiti's ! and that patricia field window look the bomb!!!

@ the store of KIRA PLASTININA just love her store its so different of what i saw while i was in nyc very girly yet flashy and fashion !! lots of glitters and colors !!! i love upstairs ! check it out that how my bedroom should look !!!

@ work
skirt forever21
shirt zara
belt earrings chanel
belt zara

me on the sunset strip in VEGAS showing off again !EVERYBODY watching me like im CRAZY!!!! im getting use to it !! hahah
dress vintage
belt zara
shades chinatown
gold rope chain broadway
earrings bakers

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salut je viens te tajouter ds mes amies sur myspace.jespere ke tu accepteras ma demande je suis de paris jaimerais beaucou partager cette passion de la mode des année 80 avec toi.a biento je lespere