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mardi 16 février 2010


that's true where's her butt at ??? i saw her last year in march at the airport
and i was shock to see how her ass looked so big...

like she had the "padded (diaper) panty" on !!!
i couldn't stop staring and i was like :"nah it's gotta be fake!!"
mind was all before we found out that girls like: nicki minaj,lola luv and tiny (t.i.'s wife ) and all the rest......did it i !
but it looks like "butt enhancement" don't last long , you have to do it again and again to keep your butt big!!
it suppose to be ' fat 'that they took from another part of your body and placed into your butt to make look big!
i was in miami last month and i saw a few girls with butt enhancement
they looked funny (not in a good way!)
like they couldn't handle it ,their body were leaning towardsand about to fall...
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T-Charry a dit… looked like it hurt her, LOL! It reminded me of "Sheneneh" from Martin OR "Wanda" from In Living Color, LOL! She's a gorgeous girl still though...

missDTM a dit…

she lost so much damn weight!!!

Whatever LOLA♥ wants LOLA♥ gets a dit…

of course her ass is fake.
funny how she lost 20lbs and everything but her ass shrunk.
*she can fool mainstream media, but no us! lol.

am i the only one that thinks she ruined her face with cheeks implants & botox, she use to be soo stunning, no she looks stunned!