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mardi 25 novembre 2008

leo and bling!

this is the outfit that i wore yesterday!and i loved it!!!

top forever 21
skirt wet seal
chain jimmy jazz
shades custom by me
hat sinequanone
shoes sxm
earrings shopped in brooklyn

i was trying to put two pictures into one with photoshop that's the only one" that came out not so bad"........ SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!

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Jen (MahaloFashion) a dit…

You are so cute
I don't use photoshop
only paint or paintshop pro but mostly just simple paint, it's amazing what you can do with it! I know somebody who designed an entire website with paint so I've been reliying on it ever since.

ok here are the steps

1. open paint
2. go to your documents where you keep your pics
3. open the picture with windows preview
4. shape the picture with windows preview by zooming in or making the window bigger or smaller
5. click on print screen, it's the key on the top right side of your keyboard. MAKE SURE your windows preview of your picture is open so you can capture it

6. open paint to display the application

7. copy and paste your print screen into the window or by clicking control V

7. Crop your picture using the rectangle tool at the top to the size you want

8. Once selected, right click to copy it

9. open a new page, don't bother to save the old one, your image will already be copied. Paste the image on the new page and voila, to add more images to it just repeat the proccess but don't close the image you already have because you want to keep adding to it.

wow i didn't know the steps would be so long...i hope i didn't confuse you.

It takes a little practice and fooling around but once you get the pont it's easy, i do it in 5 seconds flat.

let me know how it goes and good luck.