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jeudi 23 octobre 2008


this is one of the many stores that sale big brand names!
i simply love their window !! so fashion straight out of an ELLE spread!!!
omg i enjoying every single pieces of that window if only i could own at least one!!
i'll be so happy !!
like for example the louboutin fringe boots they are to die for ! like seriously !!mannnnnn.......
ce magasin est une chaine qui vend plein de grandes marques style les galleries ou printemps!
j adore leur vitrines!! elles sont super fashion on dira les pages du magazine ELLE!!
j adore tout les articles qui y sont proposés, si seulement je pouvais en avoir un rien qu 'a moi!!
je serai la plus heureuse !
comme par exemple les bottes LOUBOUTIN a franges mon dieu elles sont magnifiques !

just look at them like seriously !!!!there's not words....

this is bloomingdales on 59 th and lex
this one is more rock &roll and i love it !
take a look

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Mymou a dit…

isn't that Louvoutin's Boots???
they are Beautifuuuul!!!