Parisian girl who lives in the Caribbeans with new york city dreams!!


mercredi 2 septembre 2009


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bodysuit asos
belt asos
pants AA

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Sarah a dit…

I'm loving this look! Thank you for representing for the women with curves. I don't really have hips or a butt, and I have a bit of pudge on my stomach, but you inspire me still to try things I think would look weird. If you have any tips on how to stay "flashy" and still cover up my "less appealing" attributes, I would be grateful. hanks and stay stylish!

missDTM a dit…

LOVE this the colors and the accessories. i have to agree with the above comment--THANK YOU for representing for girls who are curvy! i love my curves but get annoyed when i see all the skinny/model type chicks rocking stuff i would love to wear. blah.



well thx ladies for being so nice and appreciating my style!i gotta admit i understand and completely agree that women with curves we should embrace ourselves since people always want to bring us down cause we are not a size 2!!! i was heavier 4 years ago so i know what it is to be 'very big' but even then i use to have my own vibes and style and it was either you liked the way i look cause i was vey curvy but was playing with it and totally assuming it or you used to hated me and found i was way too much overweight to wear the clothes i was wearing !actually i never wore clothes that wasn't fitting my body ,cause i dont wanna sound to cocky or anything but i always knew what looks good on someone uncluding me!! so if people used to hate my style it was more because they cannot stand 'fat' people specially one who doesn't let her self go make up ,hair and clothes wise .i was always putted together even better than some 'regular size' people and that's when it was a problem .'regular size folks' they always protraying us as feeling down or hopeless or 'fat pigs' that are eating all day!!! and because they are 'normal size 'they feel they are better !!??actually i use to work in a clothing store for women who was carrying very tiny sizes and very sexy and reaveling clothes ,but there i was a very 'big girl' selling and most of all giving 'very good' advices to 'skinny gurls' who had no clues on how to wear or accessorize anything ,it was me who were giving them some knowlegde on how to match stuffs and things! so you know long story short i'm smaller today but still getting laughs from peeps who are hating on me !! i gotta admit my style ain't for eveyone(even a skinny gurls might not pull it off) but that's what i like wearing ! you know i can pull mary-kate and ashley,kate moss or nicole ritchie very LA style anytime but i'm more into a rihANNA ,LADY GAGA ,PIXIE GELDOF new york style!! thats just me flashy and crazy ! i guess i have a personnality and i got enough skills,balls ,attitude however u wanna call it to wear what i wear with my size! and i dont want to change for the world ! so on that note ladies thank you for following me and giving props i'm doing it for all of us 'the curvacious ladies ' out there cause we aint NO ONE!!! we are beatifull and we gotta start embracing that okay???
sorry for my bad english!!mouhaaaaaaaa!!!

......JADE*ILLeen a dit…

diggin this outfit on u