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jeudi 22 janvier 2009


so i finally received my gojane package! when i saw the shoes online i immediatly feel in love with them( for a change?????nop .....i 'm simply crazy about shoes!!)so i couldn't be more impatiente for this "gift " to reach!!!! so when i got the package i was like :okay that's good you received your shoes but are they going to fit or look good???? i think the worst thing is to buy something and picture it in your mind :the way it would look or what are you going to wear it with?

then when it reach it doesn't fit or it doesn't look like the description ....... but i guess it's a risk to take right ???? yes the online shopper like to live dangerously !!!hahahaha so i kept my cool until i finished trying them all !!
tried the first pair !? YES PERFECT ........the second one ? PERFECT !!...... then i started thinking ;"okay even if the last one doen't fit then i could still wear the other 2!! " but deep inside i was praying to the god of shoes:"PLEASE FIT ME GOOD!!!!PLEASE FIT ME!!"(yes there's a god of shoes for your information!!!!)THEN tadaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i screamed like BECKY FROM CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC when she got her credit card out of the ice in the movie that's coming out (check out the trailer underneath if you never saw it)!!!WHAT a relief i was so glad everything was perfect and fitting ! i already have a zillons outfit to match them !!!!

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Trendy Gourmandise a dit…

tres bonne selection de chaussure


merci j en suis tres contente !! je recommande gojane a tout le monde!!