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dimanche 18 janvier 2009


so obviously i didn't do those polys !! i could never !! that thing giving me headhache!! or maybe i should concentrate on it more !! but why should i?? since some peeps are so good at it ! and i could just copie them ??? yes call me lazy!!!hahahahhaha check out those ;;; with my fave bustier !!! i simply have to get one of my own!!!
Untitled by Douglaz BrazilUntitled
Untitled by *Linds*Ivuschka.....
..... by IvuschkaFashion
Fashion by EmilyLiz (ONLINE)That La La La!
That La La La! by Hennie Henne Baby'Don
Don "t Stop The Music by kimmdavis

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Trendy Gourmandise a dit…

il est fait pour toi ce bustier tres sexy