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vendredi 14 mai 2010


i came across this pic on nicole bitchie's blog!
now that's what i call great make up!!
check out the 'thinning of the nose ' trick!!
no surgery just make up ! i guess that's the new thing now ,
'thinning' the nose with dark powder!
( it looks like they got their make ups done by the same make up artist!
cause they got the same brows,nose and lips !)
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3 commentaires:

Fly_Gyal971 a dit…

No surgery ?

Hum ...

Carina's make up a dit…

kimi have the best make ups:)

Mymou a dit…

yeaah countouring is the isshh Now!! I still cant understanding how it works: lol still messing with the powder all over my face hé hé hé
but getting better every day!