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lundi 12 avril 2010


few weeks ago i went to a birthday party in the city .... and apparently on the invites it was written:" tie for men and dresses for ladies" and "no leggings allowed!" ?????
what the hell? what does that mean anyway ??
i never heard of this before.... i know about" no cap , no tees , no kicks and stuff"
but never 'no leggings" like leggings are ghetto or something ???
so anyway i pulled this outfit that i love but with "footless" tights underneath my skirt...
long story short ... we reach at the venue and all i see is a bunch of girls dressed alike
with "bondage" dresses on la " herve leger" ....
so i thought : wow ! how come all the girls are dressed the same? but until
we arrived in front on the door i didn't really know what to expect ...
but then the lady at the door told me :" you over there , its a no legging party!!....
(like if wearing legging is a bad thing!!!) i didnt know what to say or do ,
i came with my girls all the way from bk what am i suppose to do ?
missy (the lady at the door) suggested that i go to the nearest "duane reade" to buy
a pair of sheer tighs or something but she will not let me in with what i have on !!
so since it's not my car and i didn't want to messed up everybody's night ,
i had to do what missy suggested the tights ,
went to starbucks dirty bathroom to change ,then go back to the venue.....
like for real WHO THE HELL KEEPS PARTIES LIKE THAT " no leggings allowed"?????
soon we are going to see signs at the door of clubs : NO LEGGING ALLOWED
hummm...anyway shitty partay ... i was totally out of it ,
dresses way to flashy compare to the other girls ,
bunch of old peoples( not that im young , but come on son !)
dressed like pimps
i should have known better won't happen again ... b.s. i never heard of before!!

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bustier asos
skirt 'SUPA KAWAI' (made by me)
belt diy

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4 commentaires:

M I N G a dit…

loll. i never heard of that eithier.

T-Charry a dit…

girl! You STILL worked it boo...HOTNESS!

missDTM a dit…

wtf??? no leggings party?? that's a hot mess. you still look amazing!

SinfulLyo a dit…

love that top! i neeeeed, i neeed! and a no leggings party? lmfao i'd have waited in the car for my girls. that sounds like some bull!