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mardi 9 décembre 2008


so CIRCUS is one of my fave trend of the moment!! i had to rock my dots!! with my new shoes it's a perfect match!!
la tendance "cirque" me plais enormement donc il fallait que je mette ma robe a pois et mes nouvelles chaussurres qui vont tres bien avec d ailleurs!! YES I'M AN ANGEL !!!!!THAT'S WHY YOU SEE THIS BRIGHTLIGHT OVER MY HEAD!!!!

dress shopped in paris
top strawberry
shoes sxm
belt asos

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jortron a dit…

holy shit. the url should be

that was the most hardcore loading session my computers been through since myspace. all i wanted to see was some pretty dresses and 4,000 more than "some". haha, i wasnt even going to comment and just be a creeper but damn i had to let that be known


thank you very much for telling mé it helped a lot !! i didnt realize that!!thx again